…..back on the road again

…..back on the road again

The holiday was fantastic, to be honest i can’t really remember much before. Portugal is a great place, the food, the people, the coast and the weather. It wasn’t all plain sailing as there was a little rain around and plenty of cloudy skies, but when that cleared and the sun broke through it was very warm. A colleague of mine back at work commented that my tan looked a bit like David Dickinson (which I thought was a bit harsh) and you can see from the pictures that it’s not that bad, in fact I think I’m looking a bit pale (must be the light!!)

Anyhow it’s that time again that I’m back on the road. Just coming back from London today having spent a couple of days in the office. Took a bit of time to get going again especially with the long bank holiday weekend, but in the end the motivation came back and we made some progress. The rain is beating down on the train now, but the journey has been quite fun so far with an episode of Horrible Histories and Twenty Twelve on the laptop taking the first part, along with a very tasty (and healthy) chicken and noodle soup. I really must knuckle down to some more regular training as I’m likely to chunk up a bit if i dont get organised. I’m off to the physio in the next couple of days to get sorted before I head off to Moscow on Monday.

Hopefully i’ll be able to post some pics while I’m there, but not sure of the quality of the internet so lets see…..laters……

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