Commitment and Control

Commitment and Control

A perennial problem with selling is managing the relationship between the prospective customer and the sales person.

Sales people have to be engaged, build relationships whilst maintaining a professional distance throughout the sales cycle without being used (and abused) as information providers, quote makers, or worse still treated in a lowly and potentially disrespectful way, doing anything and everything they are asked to do, in the way the customer has requested.

Sales people, especially when they are under pressure, will grip desperately to every last lead in the hope that their ever subservient behaviour will win them the favour of the owner of their next deal…a depressing, and uneven relationship which can be easily characterised as win-lose.

In essence Commitment and Control is a way of being that can be used to develop an equal and fair relationship between the sales person and prospect, make sure that every interaction has a future action, agreed by both parties, expectations can easily be managed and the process of selling is conducted on a win-win basis.

It will keep the sale moving, shorten the sales cycle, maximise value and minimise price issues therefore maintaining profit margins or improving them. Equally importantly allows the sales professional to maintain an equitable and fair professional relationship with their prospects and customers.

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