Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Sales is a natural, human process and is therefore susceptible to the same anxieties that exist in many aspects of normal life. The difference in sales is that performance anxiety in sales can result in some very negative outcomes both for the salesperson and for the business. Managing anxiety and managing pressure are essential. When put under pressure you may see some of the following behaviours

Promising the earth and being unable to deliver

Dropping the price until the deal is unprofitable simply to get the deal done at any cost

Acting in self interest and forgetting the needs of the business. One more deal for target, who cares if it is profitable or not

Whilst this is a very personal and often complicated situation there are some strategies and process that you can introduce to try to mitigate the effects of the this issue, for everyone’s benefit.

From recruitment to remuneration, from targeting to management and appraisals. These all have a significant and often material effect on your sales operation and utilising some of the techniques from elite sport can often help you to maximise performance, minimise anxiety and deliver consistently (GB Cycling are still the most consistent Olympic medal performers over the last 3 Olympic cycles….and that is not by accident!!)

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