Cold Calling

Cold Calling

The phrase that drives fear into sales people and sales managers alike.

It has a terrible image but in reality is a significant and very efficient tool for any direct sales organisation. The most surprising thing about what is labelled cold calling is that it is actually a perfectly natural process, and one that we engage in daily, and often with enthusiasm.

If you, and most importantly your team, truly believe that your product will ultimately benefit your customers then cold calling or communication using the telephone, as I prefer to call it, is merely a way of introducing something positive to your potential customers.

Getting sales people “on the phone” is often cited as one of the most significant challenges. With a shift in thought process, and as always intelligent thought and preparation put into targeting, this simply becomes another tool in your sales box.

In the current electronic communication driven world, actually speaking to people is now, more than ever before, rare, valued and more powerful than ever when done correctly, thoughtfully and with a purpose.

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