Back on the road with a fresh face

Back on the road with a fresh face

Sometimes they say a change is as good as a rest, although in this case I’ve had both a change and a rest. When I first set up the blog I thought taking a furry Lemur (roger) with me would be a great idea. I soon came to realise that I didn’t have the space to take a furry animal, nor was it a particularly good idea (but never let a rubbish idea stop you having more ideas!!)

What I have realised is that the more you travel the more you learn, and the more you can share with other travellers. This year has seen a couple of major changes for me. I have finally parted ways with my Blackberry (goodbye my old friend). From the black and white thumb-wheel (with the realisation that you can do business anywhere) to the Z10 which provided the realisation that very soon Blackberry would be no longer !!! The second major change is that I have changed my duffell bag provider… whilst you may not thik that this is a big issue, for someone who lives on the road your bag is an integral part of your kit, and to an extent can define the way you travel. Why a duffell bag you ask?, well that’s for another time, but i’m happy to say that after a few teething problems my new HUF skater duffell bag is becoming a welcome addition to the travel kit. I bought it from Route One 

So upwards and onwards. Over the next few months I’ll aim to back fill some of the items that I am using , some of the things I have found helpful and some of the places that have been a positive experience.

For now, travel safe …….

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