Who is Alex?

Alex understands sales completely

The sales process, sales people, recruitment, sales training, strategy and every part of sales as part of the organisation.

Alex has worked world wide in sales, managed sales groups and latterly as the Group Sales and Marketing director for a world leader in commercial and business aviation. Managing both business to business and business to consumer; specialising in high value direct sales.

A philosophy and implementation that incorporates learnings from sports, philosophical thinking and psychiatry are made simple and understandable. This translates into a practical process to develop and drive the sales function, without relying on the “gift of the gab” or “sales person magic” style hoodoo!

Alex assumes nothing, and treats every customer as a unique situation.

There is no off the shelf, or “program style” one size fits all solution. There are no out of the box, miracle cures!!

Alex will tell you the truth even if it is difficult, and help you through to find the a positive solution.

Working with existing systems and sales coaching programs; implementing new aspects or a combination.

“New business”, “prospecting”, “forecasting”, “closing” and of course the dreaded “cold calling” are some common areas that strike fear and confusion into business owners, managers and sales people alike. When treated differently, referencing real life, and combined with a solid process these areas and many more simply lose their complex and scary nature.

A process or “way of being” called Commitment and Control will help manage your communications between prospects, customers, sales people and other colleagues, bringing things to conclusion much more quickly, setting and managing expectations more effectively so you can direct your efforts to the profitable areas you need to focus on.

Alex will engage for specific projects, regular input or as support and advice to the owners, managers or stakeholders.

Alex and a plane