Who is Alex G Berry?

Alex is the sales expert who understands sales completely

The sales process, sales people, recruitment, sales training, strategy and every part of sales as part of the organisation.

Alex has worked world wide in sales, managed sales groups and latterly as the Group Sales and Marketing director for a world leader in commercial and business aviation. Managing both business to business and business to consumer; specialising in high value direct sales.

A philosophy and implementation that incorporates learnings from sports, philosophical thinking and psychiatry are made simple and understandable. This translates into a practical process to develop and drive the sales function, without relying on the “gift of the gab” or “sales person magic” style hoodoo!

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Sales Process Audit (SPA)

I look at every aspect of the business that can be effected by sales. This may begin with the target market and how you identify your customers.

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Commitment and Control

It will keep the sale moving, shorten the sales cycle, maximise value and minimise price issues therefore maintaining profit margins or improving them.

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Sales Training

Selling, just like that of any other profession, can be taught. It is not a gift, a super power or part of your DNA as some people may have you believe.

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Marginal Gain

The theory of aggregated marginal gain was thrust into the mainstream media as part of the reporting of the sporting success of the GB track cycling squad.

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What my clients say

We have used the training on tactics and control of relationships and have significantly improved our numbers.

I for one have benefited from your guidance and recommendations and the feedback from everyone here has been really positive

It was great to work so closely with someone with such vase knowledge and experience in the world of aviation and sales.

Thank you for the past couple of days, you really did make me rethink how I should be approaching the business.

I think it is important to design things with a kind of personality.

“I have worked with Alex for several years. I would highly recommend him to help anyone looking to invigorate, liven up and refresh their sales people and sales activities. Alex has a very straightforward and pragmatic view of what needs be done when it comes to successful sales”

Russi Batliwala
CEO, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering

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